The Empire Pest Management Story

Empire Pest Management is a family-owned and operated full service pest control business in Yuma Arizona. Empire Pest Management is taking a firm foothold by laying the foundation for service excellence with the motto, “let our family take care of your family.” This simple concept is what truly sets Empire Pest Management apart from others within the pest control industry. Empire Pest Management treats every home and every business as if it were our own.

Owner James Rodriguez, now a two-time nominee of the ACF Heart of Yuma Award has been actively servicing, managing, and running various pest control companies over the past two decades across the United States with a tremendous track record for providing pinnacle service and customer resolve. James along with his wife Jody decided to begin Empire Pest Management and take the local pest control standards to new heights, realizing there’s a need for a top quality full service pest control company in Yuma.

We at Empire Pest Management believe that it’s a privilege to be of service to our customers, our extended families and neighbors and we look forward to helping you take back control of your empire…

Empire Pest Management,

Let our family take care of your family.



Remember, It’s your empire!